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@  dr3ad : (04 July 2018 - 10:37 AM)

Fixed issue where some members would get "You're not allowed to visit this community" error

@  dr3ad : (30 June 2018 - 06:19 PM)

Added commands .gob massmove #EntryID #Distance #f/l/w/d/u & .gob massrel #EntryID #Distance #f/l/w/d/u (those two commands move all entries in specified direction, as well as .aura list which displays all "hidden" auras on the character

@  dr3ad : (27 June 2018 - 08:53 PM)

Added new commands .gob massreplace #EntryID #NewEntryID and .gob massscale #EntryID #Scale

@  dr3ad : (18 June 2018 - 03:21 PM)

Donator Extended rank has been changed a bit. Read more here.

@  dr3ad : (07 June 2018 - 10:24 PM)

RPHLite AddOn is now available for download, it's a must have addon and will ship with RPHTiny client by default from now on. Read more here.

@  dr3ad : (31 May 2018 - 02:35 PM)

New reward Book Forge has been added! Read more here.

@  dr3ad : (20 May 2018 - 10:53 PM)

You can get notified when player joins the phase if you're phase owner or have a rank. While having permission you can toggle messages with .toggleph

@  dr3ad : (20 May 2018 - 10:53 PM)

You can now auto promote players that join the phase with .ph auto #RankID command

@  dr3ad : (16 May 2018 - 11:52 PM)

.phase inplace command has been added that skips phase starting location (leaves you in place), however requires phase rank to use

@  dr3ad : (07 May 2018 - 09:53 AM)

Starting Area Contest has started and will last until 17th of May! View topic here.

@  dr3ad : (28 March 2018 - 08:57 AM)

Getting coins voting at XtremeTop100 fixed. Many additions to NPC Scripting. Check changelog.

@  dr3ad : (18 February 2018 - 06:31 PM)

Some NPC Script updates. Addition of Target Type "NPC with specific GUID" and Action "Pause Waypoint Movement", so now the scripts can finally target specific npc based on guid

@  dr3ad : (06 February 2018 - 04:29 PM)

Reminder that you can now chose in Rank Manager whether player can only manipulate (e.g delete) his own gobs/npcs. Phase owner can now also change color of specific phase ranks a.k.a name color in .ph ann

@  dr3ad : (25 December 2017 - 10:52 PM)

NPC scripts now work in all phases that you own, additionally phase ranks now contain "Can Use NPC Scripting" option, so everyone who has Scripting perk can now promote people and let them help with scripting the phase

@  dr3ad : (04 December 2017 - 06:19 PM)

You can now browse already made NPC Templates and use their items while making a new NPC Template!

@  dr3ad : (02 December 2017 - 06:39 PM)

New command: .phase playlist #SoundID #LengthOfASongInSeconds will let you make phase playlists e.g 10 songs that will keep playing on loop from 1-10 and repeat. Every consecutive command use the song is added to the list. Use .phase pl clear to clear the playlist

@  dr3ad : (28 November 2017 - 10:49 PM)

Server is online!

@  dr3ad : (28 November 2017 - 07:50 PM)

Server is restarting and will be up in a couple of minutes as soon as phase cleanup is done!

@  dr3ad : (28 November 2017 - 07:19 PM)

Gameobject cleanup will take place soon, all accounts inactive more than 6 months will have their character's phases deleted as we're reaching 15 millions gobjects mark!

@  dr3ad : (21 November 2017 - 04:27 PM)

New command: .gob near will list Top 10 Closest gameobjects and their guids/scales


Mod Application

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The Beast


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Posted 18 April 2017 - 06:08 PM


Main Character Name: Vallios Lossarch, Uzku, Origg

Account Name: thebeast or thebeasttoo

How long have you been on the server?: 
2016-09-17 16:34:55

Activity?: As a person with GMT+1, and the nature of my work/school not being overly demanding aside from other short-term dedications, vacation and so on - I can be on daily.

Have you ever had to deal with customers/players?: I am currently employed in the Cork, Ireland branch of Zazzle - an international service e to allow one to commission or design decals, shirts, mugs; unlike Amazon instead of having things on huge warehouses, everything is tailored for the order. On topic however, I currently work as a Custom Service Representative, and my daily employment does have me dealing with people pretty much on a day-to-day basis. My work includes dealing with emails, phone-calls from other parts of the world, and generally communicating with consumers who may need support. 

In terms of WoW and Server roleplay, I've moderated/ST'd for Epilogue and Prologue, this was roughly five years or so ago, however I wouldn't consider them much as experience due to the community being far more tightly knit and familiar with each other, i.e I'd more take my current job as a better source as it is my know.

Do you have any referees?: Funnily enough, anyone who'd vouch for me is currently inactive/no longer on RPH.

Write about your favorite period/subject of WoW lore (100 words or more): Dwarven Lore - and more accurate, the War of the Three Hammers is my favorite aspect of Warcraft's lore. The civil conflict and inner debate on right or wrongs fascinates me as the topic was Blizzard's way of making huge implications on early 20th Century culture, such as the discrimination against non-Bronzebeards, the violent reaction as a cause of this much reflecting the world we lived in once, the period encompasses a short time but says so much about the Dwarves as a race, it reminds us that not everything on Azeroth is picture-perfect and not everyone is the ideal hero. It demonstrates with the death of Modimus Anvilmar that even the most united can be splintered from power, it told me of how the race that supposedly had it all thirsted for more and paid the price. The once legendary Anvilmar Empire had collapsed into a three-way war. The second phase tends to strip away this sort of meaning as it just paints the Dark Irons as the big bads, with Thaurissan being portrayed as a villain who truly lost all and intends to bring down his rivals with him, leading to the subsequent birth of Ragnaros. The impact that these two supposedly minor events (to other races) had a huge impact as a result, birthing the Searing Gorge, Blackrock Mountain, and so on into the Eastern Kingdoms.

Describe your favorite character, either yours or in lore (50 words or more): Ner'zhul - the Lich King, formerly the Elder Shaman of the Shadowmoon Clan was greatly respected, and stood as a pillar of early Orcish society, a spiritual guide regarded highly of; the way Chronicle depicts his downfall and his emotional development into a more misguided, used individual made me sympathize with the character and I felt that the way he bent to change at first showed that not all Orcs are well, Thrall or Gul'dan - it demonstrated a level of humanity which actually made me more interested in Orcs as a whole. The eventual progression into the Lich King and showing that despite this broken shell of an Orc lacking that strive, power was all-emcompassing, all corrupting, even the most lowest could rise again into the biggest threat on Azeroth. 

What would you do differently about the server?: I feel that RPH isn't as inclusive as it once was, with cliques and private phase RP being all the rage - understandably so, given it is a sandbox - while phases do allow for players to express themselves, I think Phase 1 needs to make a return as a source of RP, as a Moderator I would see myself overseeing both OOC and IC actions in the phase, while on the off-hand perhaps generating some kind of RPC rank using the existing phase systems to give certain players extra perks, after all, fantastic builds like the Kingdom of Stormwind would be excellent to see for everyone to look around, with some changes to avoid anything guild-exclusive being present.

On a purely Moderation side I'd pretty much try set a standard, and example of how one could go about RPH to better improve the community. I don't consider myself the peak example but I can strive my hardest. I always felt like the lack of communication with staff and players was troublesome as it didn't exactly strive one to be motivated like "hey, I'm making a change", a Moderator or some sort of community figure who can present these ideas in a controlled scenario would be a fantastic addition, and I feel I have the know-how to do it. To make a ramble less so;

  • Increase communication between Staff and Players.
  • Reinvigorate Phase 1 and some sort of Roleplay Coordinator rank to allow for quicker entry into roleplay without having to go through HUGE phases and give RPH a story to keep people interested, as the phases are great but they have 0 impact. You'd go to phase 100 and preform a certain action, then phase 200 and say you did this, but because it was in phase 100 they wouldn't know about it. A return to a Moderated, DM'd phase 1 would give players some sort of inspiration to do things that have impact instead of well, tavern RP.

Write about yourself (100 words or more): Personality wise I am balanced, rational if needed but a natural cynic, both sides of a story matter to me. A common thing to happen due to my nature of work is that I'm a transparent person; I don't hide what I do. I am a willing and capable worker with an active interest in the server and seeing a future in it does keep me motivated to come back. I'm not demanding, nor overly aggressive but I do enjoy a laugh or a meme when it's suitable, I can be serious if it's a situation which requires such. I'm someone who likes to know the bit of everything, a jack of all trades, master of none; but better then a master of one. 

1.c In any way, I don't mind.
2.b Decisive.
3.b Open-minded to interpretations and different ideas.
4.a Important for communication.
5.a A shield for role players; people should be allowed to do what they want as long as it does not harm others.
6.a They are here to help the server.
7.b Consider the complaint, and ask for evidence.
8.c Politely correct them as discreetly as possible
9.a Someone who keeps the roleplay moving.
10.c Advises people, but doesn't hold their hand.
11.c A community role; everyone, staff and players, should be working together.
12.e Given how RPH is, I believe there should be a minimal staff and a consistent, easy to follow set of rules and guidelines to prevent anything that may be a problem.

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