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Storyteller's Inn [110726]

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Posted 16 June 2017 - 06:51 PM

sti.gif                              STORYTELLER'S INN

Backstory: Storyteller's inn is... well... an inn. It can be found in a remote area of the Wetlands. Its owner, Hoff, an undead, is a friendly... sometimes shady... character, also he likes to tell stories to the people that stop at his inn, hence the name "Storyteller's inn"


Roleplay: The inn serves as a lobby for the actual rp. While in the inn the players will assume the role of... well...their characters. The actual rp of the phase is "the adventure". While in the adventure the players will no longer be the same people that they were when entering the inn, they will be a character in the story. So for example... you enter the inn with a human paladin named "Jason", when the adventure begins you take the role of a human rogue named "Hans". 


The Adventure: The adventure itself is an rpg, actions are decided by rolls and such. The adventure usually follows a linear story... which does give options and decisions to the players... but not as much as for example an open world phase... so keep that in mind


Gameplay: As I said earlier... decisions are made via rolls. There are 4 stats that players can roll



Act.png    "ACT": Stands for "Action", this is what a player has to roll if he wishes to perform an action that requires strength. Like using any weapons (but not when wielding a dagger or a ranged weapon) or a show of strength (also used for intimidation)


"Ghor attempts to push the enemy of the cliff"  He will roll ACT                                                                                                             or                                                                                                                                                     "Ghor attempts to break the door open"  He will roll ACT 

Perc.png "PERC": Stands for "Perception", this is what players use when they want to perform an action that requires precision. Like using daggers, using ranged weapons, pickpocketing, lockpicking, sneaking, etc. It is also used for looting, the better the PERC, the better the loot


"Hans attempts to stab the enemy" He will roll PERC                                                                                                                              or                                                                                                                                                   "Hans attempts to pick the lock" He will roll PERC

Iq.png "IQ": Stands for "Intelligence Quotient" (yep... turns out this is what iq stands for) ,this is what players use when they perform an action that requires intelligence (duuuh) .Like casting a spell, or inspecting something in the hope of finding information about it. Also, IQ can be used to deflect a spell. "Deflect spell" might be used only by players that have a mana pool. To deflect a spell you will have to roll IQ if you are about to be hit by a spell, this will drain some of your mana, but has the chance to completely nullify the spell's effect


"Jacklyn attempts to raise a ghoul" He will roll IQ                                                                                                                                      or                                                                                                                                                                                        "Jacklyn attempts to inspect the runes" He will roll IQ                       

speech.png "SPEECH": Stands for ...well... "Speech" ,this is what players use if they want to perform an action that requires their communication skills, like persuading someone, lying and trading. Speech is also used by Bards if they want to cast spells (Bards don't work the same way the other spellcasters do, they roll speech instead of Iq for their spells)


"Amy attempts to convince the guard to leave them alone" She will roll Speech                                                                                   or                                                                                                                                                       "Amy attempts to raise the moral of her allies via a song" She will roll Speech 



Now... Blocking, Dodging, Parrying and Deflecting Spells
To block you must roll ACT. You use block to defend yourself from physical attacks.
To dodge you must roll PERC. You use dodge to defend yourself from both physical attacks and spells
To parry you must roll PERC. If you succed in parrying you will be able to attack the enemy you were parrying against on his turn. 
To Deflect Spells you must roll IQ. To deflect a spell you must be a spellcaster. You use "deflect spell" to protect you from harmful spells. If you succed the effect of the spell will be completly nullified, but some of your mana will be drained.
So... to be basic:
Blocking is for defense against physical attacks.
Dodging is for defense against both physical attacks and spells.
Parry is if you think yar a lucky bastard and want to get a cheeky revenge hit.
Deflect Spells can be used only by spellcasters and is for defense against spells.



The following are the classes that are playable at the time this post is made:
















-(more coming soon)

Each class has different points of ACT, PERC, IQ and SPEECH




(So far the phase provides two adventures)

*Misty Isles:

The story follows a group of mercenaries that were hired to protect a Booty Bay trading ship. After some unfortunate... and unexpected events they get stranded on an island. The adventurers, now with no ship or knowledge of their location, must unravel the island's mysteries and find a way home.


*Redblossom Town: [this one requires Monty Tiles (http://rpheaven.org/montytile.zip)]

The story follows a group of adventurers that got lost in a mist. Upon walking with no lead they find a town... they are welcomed inside it. But as they spend time inside they realise something dark is brewing around the town...



Races play a small role in the roleplay, except for some spells, passives and activables

Racial Abilities:


-Orc: Bloodlust (Activable: +10 Action to your next attack)
-Undead: Undying Will (Activable: You may reroll)
-Tauren: Thunderstomp (Intrerupt and make everyone around you reroll)
-Troll: Regenerate (Passive: Regenerate 2Hp from time to time)
-Blood Elf: Arcane Torrent (Activable: Gain some mana, gain extra mana if used near a target casting a spell)
-Goblin: Hidden Rocket (Activable: Use a hidden rocket to damage an enemy)
-Human: Art of Speech (Activable: +5 speech)
-Dwarf: Stoneform (Activable +10 HP)
-Night Elf: Shadowmeld (Activable: Leave a fight and hide)
-Gnome: Little man (Passive: +5 to a sneak attack)
-Draeanei: Gift of Naruu (Activable: heals 10 HP)
-Worgen: Wild Howl (Activable: Scares one enemy away)
NEUTRAL (that means you, you filthfy pandaren roleplayers)
-Pandaren: Quick senses (Passive +2 Perception)
If you wish to roleplay in the phase you don't have to join the guild, but there are advantages to joining (I'm the only person in the guild fml). Joining the guild will allow you to play as a hero class and will give you access to the leveling system (which...ehem...again..isn't out).
Requirements of joining:
-You must have played through at least one adventure once
-You must have a basic idea about how rp works (pretty basic stuff ehh ?)
-Don't be an ass
(If you wish to contact me about joining the guild, or want to contact me to know when an adventure will take place so you can come, you can either give me a message on the forum, or you could whisper me ingame if you are lucky to have my lazy a*s online)
Special thanks :clap2: :
-@Jacklyn (helped with the building, also was there to tell me when I had crap ideas)
(yep...I did all those icons by myself... I know, I know... I'm pretty cool. Smugness over 9000)

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