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[New Character Bio] Jackson Nightshade.

character bio backstory roleplay

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#1 RRaney2K14



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Posted 04 September 2017 - 06:33 PM

Name: Jackson Nightshade.

Age: 21 (born in the year 612 by the Kings Calendar)

Sex: Male. 

Race: Worgen, or Afflicted Gilnean with the worgen curse. 

Hair color (human form) : Light brown. 

Eye color (human form) : Hazel.

Eye color (worgen form) : Orangeish Red.

Hair color (worgen form) : Black.

Height (human form) : 5ft 11 inches.

Height (Worgen/beast form) : 8feet 1 inch. (is always hunched over in the worgen form to be at almost eye level with humans or any creature who is almost as tall as him.)

Weight: 160 lbs in his original human form. in his worgen form on the other hand he gains an additional one hundred pounds when he is in that state. (his body type is slim and muscular as if he were trained to be a warrior or swordsman.) 

Profession: Traveling Swordsman who studies other forms of combat when needed.

Bio: Jackson Nightshade was born in the year 612 according to The Kings Calendar, He had a very positive childhood, His folks raised him to be polite and kind to everyone although he has a very nasty temper that he cant control sometimes but he has a lot of patience... Jackson grew into into a very handsome young lad who decided to not cut his hair, so he puts his hair up in a ponytail all the time, he was 19 when the worgen outbreak occured, How Jackson became Afflicted was due to the fact that he saw his mom get killed by a feral worgen relentlessly which drived him to rush the said beast and punch its stomach so hard that the beast regurgitated some blood which dribbled down towards Jacksons raging mouth Jackson swallowed this blood and he became infected since there are two ways a human or any humanoid creature could get infected... by getting bitten by a feral worgen, or ingesting some of the infected creatures blood, of course he was still human or so he thought because he hasnt exhibited any signs of becoming a "wretched  mongrel" but something awoke deep within, it was due to his overwhelmed state, he got so mad that he changed into the very same creature he incapacitated and with the last bit of his humanity he rendered the one beast who turned him, into a bloody corpse, then he lost all control. then he was captured by Lord Godfrey and his men as they attempted to execute all of the afflicted gilneans who became the savage creatures that they dispise most. but then a priest made a serum that he hoped to restore some of Jackson's humanity. it was restored but he had to learn how to control his temper while also learn how to willingly change between his beast form and human form from help of some night elvish druids and priests in which the attempts were very successful. Then he aided the royals of Gilneas with the attempt of retaking their city from the control of the Forsaken and the Banshee Queen herself with his new found powers. Then after they failed miserably he had to evacuate along with the others under the orders from Genn Greymane himself. So, Jackson now traverses all of Azeroth while studying under the swordsman discipline so he can learn how to efficiently use a blade since his skirmishes in Gilneas he was rather lucky to barely know hand to hand combat skills as well as usage of swords or blades... During his travels, Jackson Nightshade Discovered that he is rather gifted with a sword or blade much like his father before him. Yet Jackson traverses Azeroth in hopes that maybe he could save as many innocents as possible...

((underneath this bio/post are some reference pictures of what to look at for basic hair style and the beast form when enraged since according to the lore of worgen, the beast form is only obtainable under the feeling of rage or guilt. when you are in control as a gilnean...[yes im aware that this is a "2D character" yet the reason why I posted this bio is because I am really trying to fit in here, I do appreciate the help from those who are actually going out of their way to help ))

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#2 Goobs


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Posted 04 September 2017 - 06:44 PM

this is the second 2D character you've dished out


are you feeling alright?

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#3 Blackwing



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Posted 05 September 2017 - 12:34 AM



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#4 FawkesFTK



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Posted 05 September 2017 - 01:08 AM

do you want feedback of any sort


there is a lot to be said

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#5 Bladefist


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Posted 05 September 2017 - 10:24 AM

I've read the last one, and this one and well; there's a lot thats cliche and a bit snowflakey.


I'd say just focus on RPing right now. Don't make any bio's, and just watch how other people roleplay and interact with them; read their stories etc.

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#6 Golduck


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Posted 05 September 2017 - 01:04 PM

My suggestion: Don't play somebody special... Start as somebody rather unimportant like a mercenary or blacksmith I don't know your pick here and from that little unimportant person start advancing VERY SLOWLY not like after one day you're a master mage already.... try slowly and slowly to become good at what your character want's to become also don't add things like he was born with natural skill in fighting or some shit that makes people jump at you with all kind of bad comments.

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#7 Ghunny Boi

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Posted 07 September 2017 - 02:52 PM

No, no, no, no. This severely hurts to read.


Do you even know what the worgen outbreak was like?


How it built up?


The political tension in Gilneas at the time?


How to roleplay a Gilnean?


answer me please so i can cure you


#8 Gavinlad



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Posted 07 September 2017 - 11:20 PM

yet the reason why I posted this bio is because I am really trying to fit in here, I do appreciate the help from those who are actually going out of their way to help ))


understandable - a lot of people are new to RP and it honestly isnt something you should be berated about, but you're atleast putting the effort into making characters - albeit they're not entirely well written ones.

firstly I'd recommend restructuring your bio, the block of text isn't very appealing to read, and I got myself actually lost reading over it at least twice.


On the front of actually adressing the character itself, you should familiarize yourself with some more aspects of worgen characters and Gilneas lore. there are a few points in the bio where the lroe is actually just wrong (noting the 'failing misirably' part in fighting the forsaken in gilneas)


otherwise, keep at it. you'll only get better with experience, and maybe share bios with people outside of the forums, and post one here when you've gotten more comfortable writing a cohesive bio for a character.






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