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Download 12mb and play!

01 Jan, 201660695 Views     141 Comments

Our ultra lightweight (12mb in size) client will let you play immediately while streaming all necessary game data only after you have logged in-game!
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Valmoric said:


I dont have permission to view it anymore, so whatever.

piechan said:


if you havent seen the news do not download this



The solution for CAS error is that you put it on desktop instead of in program files.

heimdallr92 said:


I have tried literally every possible solution to this CAS error and NOTHING is working... I feel really defeated. This is probably my 4th or 5th time coming back to this over the last year and I still can not get it to work. I officially give up. I do not understand how thousands of private servers have working clients and our amazingly gifted team here at RPH can't toss us some kind of fix for this... I'm sure a lot more people would be playing already.

Will this be fixed? I downloaded 12mb some time back and it worked fine, but now CAS error is always there, downloaded the 32GB one but my computer broke and went back to factory setting and now it isn't working as downloading wise, 4 times I have downloaded the 32GB but i'm getting the CAS error, on this one now. Pls fix

Vattghern said:


CAS problem even when I download from

mixa944 said:


If you're getting CAS problem please download our full client torrent

Cerebus12 said:


Getting a CAS issue and I have tried all of the steps. Are there other ways to fix this?

Deoslayer said:


Any idea how to fix CAS problem??

xelusgoz said:


Go to your XBOX app if you have windows 10, and turn off all the marked settings- this should end the error 132