How to

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  • How to Connect
  • 1. a) Download our RPHTiny 12 MB client located here

    1. b) Extract RPHTiny folder and run wow.exe as Administrator, let it load it can take up to 30 mins depending on internet connection

    1. c) If you have problems visit our how-to connect guide located here

  • How to keep your Account Safe
  • How To Earn Coins
  • Silver Coins

    • VOTE FOR US - Voting helps us grow. As a reward you'll get 2 Silver Coins for each site you vote on every 12 hours.
    • SUBMIT SCREENSHOTS - Capture your favorite moments on RPH and send them to us! You'll be given 1 Silver Coin for each screenshot that appears on our site.
    • BUG TRACKER - Is one of your spells not working or found some other bug? Report them and get 4 Silver Coins for each approved report.