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@  dr3ad : (17 October 2019 - 01:15 AM)

Added feature "Lookup retail NPC equipment" to the account panel for the upcoming item forge, can be seen on the right.

@  dr3ad : (16 October 2019 - 12:41 PM)

18 hours uptime. #record

@  dr3ad : (14 October 2019 - 08:56 PM)

Fixed some important performance issues, server back online

@  dr3ad : (13 October 2019 - 04:20 PM)

Server is up again, fixed some crash issues.

@  dr3ad : (12 October 2019 - 11:54 PM)

Server back online.

@  dr3ad : (12 October 2019 - 11:49 PM)

Server up in 3 mins. Applied some fixes.

@  dr3ad : (10 October 2019 - 09:49 PM)

Server has been started. Up in 3 mins.

@  dr3ad : (10 October 2019 - 09:47 PM)

5-10 mins downtime while we apply some changes

@  dr3ad : (10 October 2019 - 05:05 PM)

9 hours uptime #record. Thanks everyone for testing.

@  dr3ad : (09 October 2019 - 08:32 PM)

You can now spawn/create NPCs that have BFA Display ID without getting "Can't find NPC error" once you try to spawn NPC in-game.

@  dr3ad : (09 October 2019 - 02:57 PM)

Fixed restarter, server back online.

@  dr3ad : (09 October 2019 - 02:39 AM)

Added about 23k more .wmo gameobjects. Full list of gameobjects will be posted soon.

@  dr3ad : (08 October 2019 - 07:20 PM)

Fixed .phase promote command and loading of phase ranks

@  dr3ad : (08 October 2019 - 06:36 PM)

BFA Races added to NPC template creation page.

@  dr3ad : (08 October 2019 - 04:34 PM)

Fixed the "Failed to retrieve" password error that some people may have gotten in their web account panel. Check your panel again now.

@  dr3ad : (08 October 2019 - 04:28 PM)

Also there's been a known issue with incorrectly copied TRP or TRP in general that gives you disconnect as soon as you login. If you have this issue try deleting TRP then logging back in.

@  dr3ad : (08 October 2019 - 04:19 PM)

Added website feature "Fix character DC problem" in account panel which will fix characters that you get disconnected on when you login.

@  dr3ad : (08 October 2019 - 03:45 PM)

.gob state command fixed, you can do .gob state 0 3 now to activate light gobs. Also fixed loading of gameobjects that already had state set previously. Effective on next restart.

@  dr3ad : (07 October 2019 - 08:00 PM)

RPH 735 has just been put up online if you wish to copy over some character related stuff to BFA. RPH 735 will be up for the next 48 hours. However you have to set new realmlist: SET portal "leg.rpheaven.org"

@  dr3ad : (07 October 2019 - 07:36 PM)

Another crash fixed

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Posted by dr3ad on 18 February 2012 - 04:40 PM




 overscalingspell spamming and  chat spamming is strictly prohibited

- Don't SPAM .announce or any other channel.


- Don't bring RELIGIOUS/POLITICAL/RACIST (and all other fucked up subjects) into announce. Don't make appeals if the banhammer touches you after doing this.

- RP announcements are strictly for RP hosting and guild recruitment. Don't advertise ERP in RP announce.

- RESPECT other players.

- all other violations that are not mentioned here will be handled by staff members




- ERP is strictly prohibited in main phase

- If you wanna roleplay something, you are advised to do it in your own phase or in main phase but don't complain how overpopulated certain areas are. Everybody knows how fucked up the booty bay is. Main phase is not meant for roleplaying, but you can still do it just don't complain about other people interfering with your gameplay.





- Every phase is subject to phase owner's rules. For an example, this means that phase owner can choose to kick/ban you from his phase without any reason.

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#164087 Report: "DenzelTrix"

Posted by panzerjr on 28 January 2019 - 08:41 PM

Below are screenshots of DenzelTrix, or Scarlettaam,spamming my personal information without permission. I've asked him repeatedly to stop to no avail. He's harassing me in whispers and on Discord, And with the doxing, it caused Nortwin to expose pictures of my face on the RPH Discord, including finding my other social media. His Discord is bear#5636

I'd like to find some way to get this to stop.

(Update; Nortwin removed the photo, much appreciated <3)

Thank you for your help -Panzer Jr.

Attached Files

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#88220 Neurological

Posted by Witch on 07 February 2016 - 12:33 AM

Hello Roleplay Heaven,
As many of you are likely aware I have been very inactive over the last several months. Despite my lack of a presence I have attempted to maintain a lifeline to the community so that I am able to keep up with current events. As a former administrator I have paid very much attention to our server's administration and in particular to the trial moderators selected not very long ago. Unfortunately, it has come to my attention that on numerous occasions the trial moderator Neurological has flagrantly abused his privileges and has also proven a track record for filtering the rules: he enforces the rules he finds to be convenient to himself, and ignores those that are not. I will say in my defense now that I have not personally witnessed anything that I am to detail in this report, therefore I will attempt to describe these instances of abuse in as factually accurate a manner as possible.

  • Khelbyn

What drove me to create this report is the 30-day ban imposed on Khelbyn subsequent to this report. It was entirely unnecessary for the situation in which Khelbyn was banned to have escalated so drastically. The screenshots provided in his posting clearly demonstrate how ineffectively Neurological handles the complaint. I do not argue the case for Khelbyn and in this situation both parties are at fault for their individual actions, however it is the administration's duty to maintain their calm at all times—this clause is detailed in the moderator application form which Neurological filled out and submitted prior to his trial promotion and may be viewed here (What is a Moderator to RPH?). In the screenshots there are clear opportunities present in which the situation could have been defused. This is misdemeanor at most, but not only does Neurological attempt to enforce a nonexistent rule, he displays poor temperament by banning the player for such an excessive length of time and then suggests the player, not he, should refer to the rules.

  • Mithaniel Asen'eth

For those who are not already aware, Mithaniel Asen'eth is a player who is permanently banned from Roleplay Heaven for his tendency to evade any ban he is given. Neurological, conscious of the fact that this player has been permanently banned due to his continued repeated offenses, willingly aided this player in evading his ban yet again and then invited him to participate in his guild. There was no appeal and unban through proper channels whatsoever.

  • Deathwatch

These are the most apparent instances of rule filtering that come to mind. Deathwatch is a main phase guild of which Neurological is the Guild Master. In Deathwatch, there are Lightslayers which exist exclusively in the World of Warcraft RPG. The RPG books have been declared non-canonical by Blizzard and RPG lore is therefore disallowed in the main phase as per Roleplay Heaven's main phase rules. Unless Neurological has not read or understood these rules for the simple fact that it is specified with detailed examples how RPG lore can possibly be pertinent to canonical lore (to summarize, only in cases where it reappears in canon lore such as Calia Menethil in Rise of the Lich King—and ONLY the canon lore that is detailed is pertinent, the RPG lore is excluded) and although he has been corrected by staff members and players on innumerable occasions he has blatantly continued to insert both his guild and RPG lore into the main phase—this should not be happening. To clarify for this particular case, Lightslayers do NOT exist in canonical Warcraft lore despite there being something named after them. Even if a Lightslayer was mentioned, their RPG lore is not applicable (i.e. our Calia Menethil example).
Furthermore, this guild has an unsavory hobby of murdering characters in the main phase. While this is not normally an issue, Neurological has been known to enforce these deaths. This is not acceptable because it is done without player consent. If Neurological had been emoting a town guard and it was necessary to kill the character in question, this would be a different circumstance altogether. It is wholly inappropriate for him to imply favoritism by enforcing death inflicted by his guild members where it suits them. He is not mediating the situation or weighing the circumstances; he is enforcing the fact that his guild members killed other players and that they have no choice but to accept it. Perhaps further clarification is needed in our main phase rules to help prevent future abuse from staff members of this scale.

  • EDIT: Trolling

Following my initial posting, I received many messages from players of the community. From among them there are examples of Neurological sincerely trolling players along with a screenshot that I will not be including in this report because of the character names—it has already been forwarded to the administration. However, I will quote the description of the occurrence that identifies with the screenshot below:

She was RPing a 'catgirl' in mainphase, and was still new to the server and didn't have a real grasp of the rules at that point. Nuero came in and started acting over aggressivly towards her, even threatening a ban if she didn't leave / log off. After this, which he had publicly ashamed my friend, he walked around with the title <Catgirl Exterminator> as his MRP title. Clearly nodding towards my friend with it and seeking to shame her even more. He didn't let the issue die when she left, as mentioned before, and continued to pride around with that title for over a week or two... even after that, his buddies in OOC constantly teased and openly mocked my friend for even so much as being on the character, and even if she was on different characters.


Another incident of Neurological emerging to mediate a main phase discrepancy and instead insulting the player in question. As above, screenshots have been forwarded to the staff team and are not included here due to the names involved.



[A futanari character dodges a bullet throughout a RP sequence.] Neurological gets called in by a witness present, and ends up treating the situation in a totally uncalled for light. He came in, and asked blatantly in /say "Who here is the retarded bullet dodging futa?" And proceeded to rip into them for voiding a character death, and eventually called them out on announce saying-- and I quote: "If you try dodging a bullet again, good luck dodging a ban." This not only presents his shitty attitude and behaviour-- but a toxic mindset towards moderation and how to deal with the community.


I have, to the best of my ability, verified everything I detailed here. There are other concerns I have in Neurological's abilities which worry me and I have not described every one of them. I wholeheartedly believe, however, that both his attitude and moderation are a danger to the community and that immediate action must be taken to address his abuses of power.

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#148783 Report: Aelsinthar Lightsong

Posted by Dove on 19 April 2018 - 11:04 PM

BallsMalloney and I tried banning Aelsinthar from our phase but we could not for some reason. Then we realised that the "L" in his name was actually an uppercase "i" and then successfully banned him (just the character).


this idiotic cold bowl of soup then whispered me and asked why was he banned, to which I responded was because he harassed one of our guild members. let's be honest here, mama's gonna protect her cubs. anyway this itchy sweater then claimed he did not 'harass' them but before I could tell this easy-bake-oven that his ban will not be lifted he was suddenly offline. then the stupid wet sock somehow managed to get back in the phase, bypassing the ban and ignoring the hint that he's not wanted in my phase on purpose.


i then banned unnecessary-movie-sequel again, this time with .banip. Some time later, this expired coupon proceeded to whisper and spam me with paragraphs. HOWEVER, the inconvenient fire drill tried to bypass the ignore feature and prevent me from replying by changing his name. 



you can see in the SS when I tried to reply, it said that no player by the name 'wefgeg' was currently playing. I tried to shift-click his name but it did not exist. (0 players total)


so what I tried to do instead was look up "lightsong", and then ignore AeIsinthar Lightsong. As soon as I did that, it popped up as "wefgeg is now being ignored", so it confirmed that that was him.  



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#154882 BFA Announcement + New Project

Posted by dr3ad on 10 August 2018 - 07:26 PM

Hello everyone, 


This is an official announcement from RPH before BFA hits the official realm.  We will indeed be updating to Battle For Azeroth not long after it's officially released.

Nothing needs to be done to your client just yet.

Once we begin preparations for the BFA RPH launch a new topic will be posted so stay tuned.

As always, everything you've built/spawned will remain just like we've done it in the last 10 years.





Recently we decided to start a new project parallel with RPH due to massive interest of the players and due to the fact that every tool on RPH can perfectly be reused to create something even greater. All development put into RPH can be copy pasted onto this new project due to the similar nature.

We are making a new server (with its own domain, website and separate from RPH) where phases from RPH will be leveling areas. Over the course of several years our database has reached over 20 million gameobjects -- years of effort if you compare it to retail which only has less than 100,000. This means there could be enough leveling "roads" for  1000 levels.

Interesting part of this project is that we will use zones that have been built in all these years and allow players to actually walk trough them and level while fighting scripted custom NPCs in these zones.

We need your help in deciding which phases to put in from our database aswell as use existing tools such as NPC forge and Scripts to populate the areas. Note that all the perks, tools, donation/voting rewards present on RPH will be available to leveling road designers when playing on new server.




No other private server ever had ability to let players themselves script NPCs and create leveling roads. But since we can reuse powerful web tools that have been made for RPH this collective scripting becomes easy. So players would spawns NPCs, script them, add drops, make quests and etc in their own phase and once checked by admin phase would be transferred to Main Phase where real players play and kill NPCs for experience like on retail. Real players will not have GM commands, so this is intended to be just like any other pve/pvp fun server with the addition of the other side -- players who make leveling zones.

Difference between RPH and the upcoming server is that new project focuses more on combat (pvp,pve) so all classes and class spells work, aiding in much smoother combat. Additionally, designers might have access to features such as Quest Maker and other web tools will be added for further leveling road perfectioning. So far all classes work including demon hunters, so unlike RPH's combat system we will see flawless combat. Furthermore, we're making the possibility of custom NPCs to walk across custom build cities  possible and not just bug and fall through.



Our team is willing to reward every single of you that contribute in making this project come true both with RPH rewards and on the future server. We believe this is something very big for entire wow private server community. The rewards will be very generous and if you are willing to contribute then join new project's Discord below:

 Attached File  discord-new-logo.png   2.56KB   251 downloads Join our new server's discord here 

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#105679 RPH LEGION

Posted by dr3ad on 19 November 2016 - 08:48 PM

Best greetings to all RPH players!


This is the first and official announcement that RPH will be upgrading to Legion and that first steps have already been made. Although there is A LOT of things to transfer, it won't take long until Legion is ready.


As always, RPH has been very good at preserving data throughout the various expansions and this time should be no different. All custom scripts, items, NPCs, phases, gameobjects and such are highly expected to transfer properly. 


More importantly, everybody who has issues with RPHTiny or connecting to RPH in general will have smoothest time connecting once we hit Legion!


All other information will be released soon.




UPDATE 1.0 (11/29/2016)

The progress on RPH Legion has been increasing constantly in the past few days and it's safe to assume now that it will be coming very soon.


UPDATE 2.0 (12/09/2016)

The server has successfully upgraded to Legion! Please check this connection thread out

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#131693 Ban the Wastewander 'Shahnaz' for advertising an ERP guild basically.

Posted by Doshables on 21 August 2017 - 12:08 PM



Now that's called controversy.


We should ban this 'Shahnaz' both ingame and permanently erased from the forums for basically attempting to disguise his guild page as a disgusting vessel of ERP.


Also, he is basically a reincarnate of retardation just like Aurolyn Half-Death. Not only does he/she/it presents such a poorly designed guild, but also 7fbed0e221827a78b40a5e1dd1eaae54.png


this might be a coincidence - or not considering all the 'harem' stuff that Shahnaz has included.


How the fuck is this ERP advertisement?

He puts in too much fucking explicit stuff for a guild page, obviously mentioning dark desires, concubines over and over again would really stand out. There is a lot of evidence given that he ERPs himself aswell - relating to my point that Shahnaz has his guild page as an ERP recruitment.






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#126238 To Catch a Predator: RPH Edition

Posted by jasp469 on 26 June 2017 - 07:30 AM

​In a world where pedophiles go unchecked...

   â€‹                           Where degenerates run free...

​                                          There is only one man who can save us...


​​Chris Hansen welcomes you



​Our first culprit tonight is, of course, a dragon ERPer. However, let's show you what we're doing to lure out these pedos...


That's right. I made the sacrifice personally to make the most degenerate, baiting 14 year old character possible. I am still physically in pain from typing that out.



Aelistrasza's TRP:


Think Aelistrasza didn't do it?


Think again.

This one tried to be my friend. It tried to console me, saying "14 year olds were always horny lol". Think again, pedo scum.


Our next culprit...


Nocona is a well known ERPer. It once whispered my friend for ERP, and it lists its age as 'variable'. When we questioned her about it, she said she wouldn't ever erp with an underage character.


Are you sure about that, Nocona?


Next culprit...


This one is a draenei futa, so get ready for some fun.



You sure have some awful fantasies, don't you, Saanari?

Here comes the best part.



Our next culprit...


Amanda and I had a little 'conversation'. This is the highlight of it all:


You sure do, don't you, Amanda?


Next up we've got...


Sadly, I've lost the first screenshot I had from Aerda, but the gist of it was: "Hey, you wanna ERP?" "Well, are you okay with 14 year old characters?" "Sure...?" Yeah, no big deal, is it, pedophile?

aeb9348bc57a961a26f3e5b519c073c3.png Also this.


And in this corner...


Aunnadae sure felt sympathetic that people were mad at my 14 year old erp bait character having DD tits. That SURE isn't degenerate, is it, Aunnadae?

66f5032c6211b72f31c4aecaa3a00104.png No we wouldn't.

a40916740af83395ee57f1ca1c362fca.png No. No we don't.

66008790dc5334e94062abbfc2d8e213.png It wants to know my kinks. Smh.

e78e7c3c5a72d0943262fd0b4bcdf0ff.png LORD HAVE MERCY!


This was the end of Assana's adventures. I deleted the character soon after, but not before I said this...


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#152235 Ban Appeal: Rahl

Posted by Deez on 24 June 2018 - 01:42 PM

Account Name: Crackduck, Boralith

Primary Character: Rahl

Nearly two years ago, I was banned from my original RPH account because a character of mine, named Avelin, was a member and regular IC participant in a guild named the Bitterblack Covenant, which had a ban evader in its ranks. I attempted to appeal, which was denied because in my ignorance, I failed to grasp why and how what I was doing was wrong for the server. I made excuses for myself when I should have flatly apologized. I was, afterwards, greedy and selfish several months later and choose to make a secondary account to rejoin the server instead of being patient and attempting another appeal.

Several months ago from today, I was permanently banned for ban evading on my account, Boralith, which held my character Rahl, among others. It was during a time I was offline from the server that I was banned, and when I came back to my computer, I saw for myself what had happened. I have absolutely no contention to that banning, because I was guilty of evading at the time. There is absolutely no blame on anyone for that, except myself. That account was used for longer than my original account was, but I understand that that in itself is absolutely no excuse for my behavior.

I am very sorry to two main groups in particular for what I had done for over a year as Rahl, among other characters on the account. Firstly, my friends that were unwittingly put at risk by my presence and involvement in their stories and guilds. It was a stupid and callous thing to put any of them through, especially given what good people many of them are and have been since I met them. Secondly, I am very sorry to both of the server administrators. The server is your house, Dread and Goudy. I broke the rules you established, and then tried to cheat the system. Very personally, to the pair of you, I am sorry for disrespecting you and RPH’s conduct.

I am hoping that, given that I was never flagged for any violation of server rules other than what I spoke of above, that my case can be judged in my favor. I very much miss the community of RPH, and the many friends I had made there. I would like to RP, build, and DM there once more. However, I will be very appreciative alone for the appeal being read, even if it doesn’t end in my favor.

Thank you,

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#95168 Objects showcase [24744]

Posted by Katly on 07 April 2016 - 09:17 AM

Hey everyone

I've been working on building a major project for awhile and while doing so I have spawned a few thousand unique objects in the starting location of my phase. Feel free to join at any time if you need inspiration or a specific object, I have added a phase rank for anyone who would like to select and obtain the IDs so either find me in-game (my character is Katly) or ask below and I will add you as a member.

Here's a few pictures of the place so far:






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#165586 NPCs - Erolyna

Posted by ArteF4ct on 01 March 2019 - 10:37 PM

Thanks to a few people pointing it out in .ann chat, I've noticed multiple... Just fucked up NPCs that have no place in the game. It's just fucking wrong man. 

Attached File  Screenshot_5.png   706.84KB   8 downloads
I thus request the removal of the said NPCs, preferably even a punishment for the player responsible. Thank you. 

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#155710 The Great Roaching

Posted by Hoffstead on 26 August 2018 - 11:56 PM

so there was some retarded fiasco where the leader of the erp guild 'Nymph Island' was banned for things they obviously didn't do as arif/turkish dad/whateverthefuckhisnameis created fake logs through the ingame commands as well as photoshop to try and frame them for stuff they didn't do


i'm pretty vocal about my utter dislike for people who sit in start describing how big their horsecocks are - with perfect reason to it - but purposely faking screenshots to get someone banned and getting away with it sets a stigma that anyone can be fake reported for anything and get away with it just because the person in question is disliked


so can you ban him and unban them or something so we can all get on with our day because that is some very shady shit that we don't need added

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#164667 RPHGate: A Peer Reviewed Study into the Child Grooming Gangs of the Sun and t...

Posted by funtcase on 05 February 2019 - 10:26 PM

RESEARCHERS: Reuben Ashwing, et al. (2019)

Paedophiles on RPH are a problem, much like the Old Gods of Azeroth. They are everywhere, they don't seem to die and they infect our home planet - in other words, they seek to make RPH into a LOTR themed paedophile den of inequity. So, as dutiful researchers, we have gathered data over several months - if not years - to identify and fully implicate these paedophiles and hopefully save children from their wrath.

MISSION: Through logic, evidence and hard data, prove that the most influential and powerful guild on RPH is grooming and preparing children for disgusting "In Character" rituals and molestation.


Welcome, ladies, gentlemen, children and... regrettably, paedophiles to...



Unlike most studies, we have provided evidence and data that we have painstakingly compiled in order to provide you with a more rounded and reasoned approach to judging these paedophiles and seeing them for what they are.


Firstly, the hard core evidence gathered while undercover. In order for this particular ring to believe us, we had to role play as a scale 0.7 blood elf with mageweave on, with several LOTR references in our TRP, including some shit about trees and world building. 


We have chosen to censor some of the content, either due to the extremely graphic nature or to protect the child victims of this scandal. 




Figure 1: Paedophile Confirmed


The evidence is incontrovertible. In pedo-speak (a sort of online paedophile code language) the user named 'Adora' (known on Deviant Art as Kenneth87) agreed to 'pedo confirmed'. This means that the fact he is a paedophile has quite literally been confirmed. In a court of law this would be considered a full admission of guilt.



Figure 2: Threatening and Brutal ERP in a locked Phase?


Here you can see their ring leaders, Ark and Adora, planning what they call a 'Fellowship', where they pull children into their guild in order to 'ERP in a private locked phase'. We have been tracking these two individuals for a long time. Both Ark and Adora appear to be obsessed with the franchise Lord of the Rings, and they use this code language of LOTR references in order to talk further about their planned activities within their guild.





Figure 3:


What Ark and Adora (the ring leaders) don't want you to know is that they ran a LOTR themed dark web marketplace (think silkroad for nerdy people buying illegal Legolas and Sylvanas plushies). Ark and Adora exit scammed this dark web marketplace after getting caught abusing a "hobbit", which was a common code for a kid on their website, while the abuser was known as a "gandolf". This is despite the fact that Gandalf is factually the headmaster of Hogwarts, which is a completely different universe to LOTR. It's clear their love of this book is really just a front and useful coding system for them to abuse children in a clandestine manner. 



Figure 4: Child Grooming... "of the Sun"


If you take a close look at Adora and Ark's guild's name, you can see that they are actively attempting to recruit children into their guild, even going so far as to use "children" in the title of their sick paedo ring. This is either one of two things, a dark attempt at being ironic (some pedo in joke), or otherwise a clever guise to make children feel welcome and among other children when in fact they are in danger.


But what if this is just an "RP guild" you say? Please, read on. They admit themselves that the objective of this guild is nothing to do with the epic Blizzard franchise...




Figure 5: Catching them in the Arkt


This is self-explanatory, the evidence is just matching up now. But if you still need convincing, we've collated the most conclusive of our data in easily digestible graphs.




So, what do we have so far? 


We've identified the two main culprits. Ark and Adora. They are the true paedophiles running this Grooming Gang... of the Sun. So, what about Ark and Adora personally? We know a few things. One, that they love Lord of the Rings. Adora once said to me that he'd "fuck a hobbit if it wasn't so hairy, and if they were under age" (2019:02).


However, what of Ark? That's simple:



Figure 6: The Truth

This graph is pretty clear, and we could place Ark on this pretty clearly. They make a lot of Lord of the Rings references, and often get annoyed when you don't get them... or is that what they want you to think? Who's to say that the references are just - once again - codes for abusing children.




Figure 7: Simple Mathematics 


This is pure deductive reasoning. Do we really need to explain this? Ark and Adora clearly fit within these well documented and mathematically plausible paedophile activities. 




Figure 8:




Lastly, we have what we believe to be pictures of the culprits. Gathered from the Middle Earth Market which adora and ark operated on for several years... So remember, should you ever encounter these people in real life, then beware:



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#153446 Report: Wastewander Caliphate, Harbouring Ban Evaders

Posted by Nortwin on 12 July 2018 - 02:00 PM





I think these screenshots speak for themselves.


Kaguya is an officer.

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#103254 Kalsindor's Appeal

Posted by Titiantree on 17 October 2016 - 01:29 AM

account name: Dontplayerme

ban reason: harboring ban evaders

I should start this off by saying that throughout the entirety of this whole Discord situation taking place, I was 100+ miles away from my home on vacation. My knowledge regarding anything that "went down" in this instance is incredibly limited, and I still don't really know very many details, so I'll try to "defend" myself with a few points.


First, I had no idea what the Discord was about. I was given the invite link by Lord-remembers-who and sat in the chat, very rarely making a mocking comment every now and then. I didn't even use Discord very frequently at this time save for the RPH Discord while the forums were down, so the chat was really of no consequence to me.


Second, I am not harboring any evaders. You can check every character on my account (most of them don't even have guilds lol), I am not even in the same guild as any of Neuro's characters, and my main, Kalsindor, is only in a guild with Gojan (Gavinlad's character) and Harke Villan, neither player being a ban evader.


Finally, I'd like to thank anyone who read this for their time. I may not be super big on playing WoW but I'd still like to have a place in the community I've been an active member of for over four years.

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#152063 Ban Appeal: DerpyDoo

Posted by DerpyDoo on 21 June 2018 - 12:12 AM

Account Name: DerpyDoo

I was banned during the trouble with Epsilon, helping with the start zone about a year ago, before they ended up messing it up terribly. That ship sailed ages ago, and after a few months it became very clear that Epsilon was an awfully managed project. Now a year later, I'd be very happy to come back to RPH if I can, and play with my friends and community again. Thank you very much for your consideration.

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#112327 Player Report: Quintus

Posted by phantasmagoria on 20 January 2017 - 10:45 PM

Proof speaks for itself. Incredibly offensive & unacceptable behaviour.


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#136958 Public RAPE ERP in /e, condoned by staff of <Bartholomew Industries>...

Posted by Axel on 15 October 2017 - 03:15 PM



Beautiful collection of pictures. Shows two characters having rape ERP in plain broadlight, in /e, with the staff-member condoning it while the phase was hosted publically. 

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#161383 Ban Appeal

Posted by Esadan on 01 December 2018 - 01:20 AM


Account Name: Kansarr

I woke up this morning to find myself banned with the reason of harbouring a ban evader. I'm not sure if this is a mistake or something but this was unexpected and I'm confused as to how I was harbouring anyone. If I apparently was, I certainly wasn't doing it willingly. Any sort of an explanation on this would be greatly appreciated as this has left me very confused. To my knowledge, I have never openly spoken to anyone evading a ban or covered for someone in any way, or somehow evaded any sort of ban myself. 

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#121180 Wilderleaf Outpost [Phase 100]

Posted by Clara on 06 May 2017 - 11:14 PM


Wilderleaf Outpost


As destruction perpetuates itself as the norm with most denizens of Azeroth; this quaint encampment serves as a place of solace and peace amongst such times of strife. Settled within the rolling hills of Stormheim, those select heroes would find themselves welcome for both rest and relaxation. While it may seem everlasting, this peace is well-fought for. Those serving the Wilderleaf work day and night against relentless raids from neighbouring Murloc tribes, save the ever looming mysteries that plague those settled there.


A small amount of settlers have already found rest in the outpost; Alliance officials and adventurers alike. Though the populace remained small, the encampment seemed filled to the brim with life.



OOC - Rules


  • Alliance only. Though Horde alongside exotics and such can whisper first if they have something particular in mind to add to the roleplay.
  • Illidari of either factions are allowed.
  • Anyone that trespasses the grove without IC permission will be ICly removed from the phase with a kick, and is not an OOC matter.  
  • Player-run events are entirely welcome, such as demon invasions. But they must be passed through me or a DM first. 
  • Questions and ideas are also completely welcome.

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