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[Guidelines]: How to Roleplay a Dragon / Misconceptions

Roleplay Guide

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Posted 20 August 2017 - 10:05 PM

First and foremost...

"hahahahahaha just don't rp one u idiot"

Ok there, now that is out of the way.


Dragons are usually roleplayed in guilds or in private RP nowadays which is actually an improvement in my opinion. In the past, the majority of dragon RP would be found in public phases in the shape of red dragons wearing flashy fiery armor, blue dragons wearing crystallic icy shoulderplates etc. etc. in their disguises.

I'll make my attempt to give players some guidelines and lore examples to hopefully create some awareness about this role, especially in a post-cata setting.


I mostly intend to highlight lore that should be acknowledged when roleplaying this role. (And my god there's a lot...)



The 5 Dragonflights

People are probably familiar with the 5 Dragonflights: Red, Blue, Green, Bronze and Black.

(There are however also a collection of lesser Dragonflights: Chromatic, Infinite, Netherwing, Plagued and Twilight.)


With the ending of the Cataclysm, the 5 main Dragonflights were weakened after using the Dragon Soul and turned sterile because Blizzard said so. They are according to lore no longer immortal creatures although they still survive at an age of +10,000 years and "they still remain powerful sorcerers however".[1][2]

A common misconception is that dragons are easily overwhelmed by intermediate magi because of their weakening following the Cataclysm, but they are still very powerful. (Even though Senegos contradicts himself... thanks Blizzard.)



The Red Dragonflight

The Red Dragonflight is lead by Alexstrasza and are the guardians of life. While having announced a new era called "The Age of Mortals", they still occupy Dragonblight and Wyrmrest Temple. Supposedly, they should've disbanded the Wyrmrest Accord, but did not do such a thing as Kalecgos in "Dawn of the Aspects" reminded the former aspects that they could still safeguard the world without being aspects as they had done millenia ago when facing Galakrond. Both Alexstraza, Nozdormu and Ysera agreed with Kalecgos which means that they are still active guardians of Azeroth.


All covered in red scales, a red dragon is more or less impervious when faced with fire. (I lack a direct, convincing source to this, but I am very certain that the Dragonflights are pretty much immune to their own breath weapon and similar effects due to their scales. Red and Black dragons = fire-immunity, Blue with frost/cold etc. etc.)


As a natural ability given to the Flight by Eonar's blessing, they're capable of using their Flame Breath to either heal or destroy.

They are incredible at mending or spouting life by e.g. breathing fire onto the ground or using their magic, but are also great at destroying life with similar blazing spells of destruction. They can even perform something similar to necromancy, but won't resort to this kind of spellwork unless it is an utmost necessity. Apparently, their blood also have healing properties and in the quest "Dangerous Compassion" it's said that wounded orcs warriors would be "back in no time" because of a crate of bandages which had been soaked in red dragon blood.

On the same topic, it is speculated that mainly drakonids and to an extent, dragonspawn were originally humanoids which have been transformed into these Draconic shapes using magic and dragon blood. (Primarily drakonids, as I've yet to see a female drakonid in lore as opposed to dragonspawn which have female casters in contrast to their male brutes...)


A red dragon is more likely to favor the Alliance due to the past incidents with the Horde during the Second War where Alexstrasza was enslaved by orcs... "From capture to escape, an eight year span, Alexstrasza was forced to create more dragons to service the Horde in the war, and she cried for the deaths of her children and the deaths they caused.[20]"
They consider themselves to be protectors of life and will go to great lengths to protect Azeroth. For example, they will guard otherwise dangerous artifacts and locations to either prevent them from falling into the wrong hands or to avoid creatures getting hurt by them in one way or another. The Red Dragonflight is definitely attuned with nature and therefore will surely approve of druids, given the fact that the Green Dragonflight are the direct allies of the night elven druidic society. In a mount journal for 16px-Ability_mount_drake_red.png?version [Reins of the Red Drake] it is mentioned that they are unlikely to attack first unless threatened which makes them friendly in most cases. Despite their friendliness, they're supposedly brutal and voracious when facing enemies (fucking vore dragons) as the Warcraft III manual states: "Their breath is a fearsome stream of fire, and they have been known to swallow enemies whole and slowly digest them over the course of a day."

Aside from this, they're extremely loyal to their queen and are respected by the other remaining Flights. The Red Dragonflight additionally has scouts in many places of Azeroth to keep an eye on vulnerable or suspicious places or beings like with Korialstrasz in the disguise of a high elf magician aka. Krasus, being one of the main leaders of Dalaran. It is to be noted that they do this IN SECRET and don't tell everyone that they're a dragon.


 When taking humanoid form, most red dragons prefer to transform into sin'dorei,[7] though human and quel'dorei guises are also common.

^And they don't wear suspicious clothing to signal that they're not human, just to let you know, again. It can't be stressed enough.


While "Dragonsworn" is a term supposedly originating from the RPG, it is still supported in lore that the Red Dragonflight has humanoid servants serving them. An example would be Korialstrasz and Rhonin. These mortals are then gifted with various Draconic equipment and powers in return for their servitude, as it would be very effective to have a widespread group of people who could relay information back to Wyrmrest, especially post-Cataclysm as dragons can no longer reproduce, so the loss of a dragon on a field expedition means more now than ever.


Oh, and the worst enemies of the Red Dragonflight are the Scourge, The Black Dragonflight and their allies. This PROBABLY suggests that a member of the Red Dragonflight won't become best friends with a Forsaken as they break the circle of life and death.



The Blue Dragonflight

The Blue Dragonflight is lead by Kalecgos currently and its members are guardians of magic hereunder magical artifacts. They are not many in numbers because of how Deathwing used the Demon Soul to wipe out the majority of the Flight during the War of the Ancients. Currently, the Blue Dragonflight is scattered as it has been more or less disbanded following the Nexus War and the Cataclysm. Despite being disbanded, the remaining dragons are still likely to be searching for powerful magical items to store them away, but simultaneously, they are also free to explore Azeroth. This does not mean that they won't be careful, since they probably don't want to go extinct, thus being very subtle and careful.

Their main base in Coldarra, The Nexus had been taken over by the ethereals of the Ethereum, but now remains in Azuregos' control after a "mage and a priest adventurer" went to secure a Spark of Tyr, freeing Azuregos from the ethereals.


 With Nexus abandoned, only few individuals remained to check the Nexus, such as Kalec and Jaracgos.


A blue dragon is covered in blue scales, most likely granting them near-immunity to frost magic. The Blue Dragonflight actually seem to have a variety of colors for unknown reasons. Some blue dragons are teal, others azure/dark blue and some have a regular blue color inbetween teal and azure. They are the guardians of magic, therefore very capable with arcane, frost and also fire magic. The blue dragons don't show signs of corruption from arcane like humanoids do and because of this there's literally no backlash from studying and improving their arsenal and capabilities when using magic unless they somehow draw too much attention when doing so. They sometimes sport rune patterns inscribed upon their very bodies, aiding them in using their magic or perhaps they hold a singular effect to escape a bad situation.


They can breathe both Frost and Arcane from their maws as displayed by Malygos using an Arcane Breath and the descriptio: "Their freezing breath and gargantuan claws have been the death of many hapless travelers in Northrend.[3]" which implies that blue dragons can be more hostile and arrogant as opposed to the Red Dragonflight. The blue dragons are assumingly very territorial (however it also depends on the individual) and could go for the kill if they believe leaving a person alive would endanger themselves or if it means that the secrets they're safeguarding could remain hidden: "Their approach towards mortals, specifically arcane spellcasters, can vary anywhere from amiable curiosity to outright hostility." Although this quote lacks a source, it is logical because not all blue dragons wanted Kalecgos as their new aspect. Malygos "loyalists" could be hostile to magicians simply because they believe he was right.


In the Reign of Chaos manual it is mentioned that they travel to Dragonblight, the place where dragons seek to go when standing at death's doorstep, to commune with the dead to acquire new knowledge and wisdom. Blue dragons are researchers, investigators, loremasters and many other things due to their curiosity and strive to obtain knowledge since knowledge is power.

Magic is what mosts concerns the members of the blue dragonflight. Acquiring it, researching it, cataloging it.

Mighty blue wyrms, such as Sapphiron and Azuregos, continued to search for and hoard artifacts of great magical power, keeping them from inexperienced hands.[11][12] (during the aftermath of the Sundering)

When taking humanoid form, most blue dragons prefer to transform into humans,[4] though gnome and quel'dorei guises are also common.

^Which implies that they, much like gnomes, enjoy fiddling with their spellwork like a gnome would with a machine. Nerds.

And just because Kalecgos has a half-elf disguise it doesn't mean that you should do it too. The aspects have horns and stuff showing to mark that they're the aspects and are overall snowflake in their disguises as the only dragons.


As a blue dragon it is worth acknowledging how few individuals there are left. Battered, destroyed and dismissed, the Flight is likely destined to go extinct, especially with the Legion now returning to destroy Azeroth. The blue dragons are loyal to no one anymore, but probably still respect Kalecgos for his actions and a few might still hold onto Malygos' accusations.

It is also important to acknowledge the different events the Blue Dragonflight has been part of such as the War of the Shifting Sands and the Battle of Grim Batol as well as their interactions with the Nether Dragons which goes to show that blue dragons (albeit being an aspect in this example) can completely absorb magical entities. Hearing the claims of the nether dragons Malygos misinterpreted their reference to themselves as magic and decided to absorb the nether dragons into himself. (An event occurring in Night of the Dragon afaik, correct me if I'm wrong.)

Do keep in mind that something like this logically scales with age and power. A whelp is not going to drain a band of nether dragons or arcane elementals with ease. Abjuration can probably also hinder this.


Finally, it is extremely important to keep the relationship with the Black Dragonflight in mind if you're going to roleplay a blue dragon, because...
After having nearly wiped out the flight, the black dragons were not ready to leave the last few blues in peace. The survivors of the blue flight had fled to Northrend, when Deathwing attacked, slaughtering them by the dozens.



The Bronze Dragonflight

The Bronze Dragonflight is lead by Nozdormu and they are still very active guardians of time. They exist within the past and future as well as the present of the main timeline and have mortals sworn to protect the main timeline by all means necessary. These mortals are called the Timewalkers and are the Bronze Dragonflight's extended arsenal due to their loss of power following the Cataclysm: They could once see the past and future with perfect clarity. They can still travel the timeways, but don't have that perfect knowledge anymore since Deathwing's defeat.[2] They've also lost the ability to control the flow of time.[3][4] A growing faction of discontent within the Bronze dragons believes they should change history to make a better future.[2]Kairozdormu appears to be a part of this faction, and it is possible that this faction will become the Infinite dragonflight.

Their home is in Tanaris, the Caverns of Time which is heavily guarded to prevent those who are not welcome to interfere with the main timeline. The unwelcomed are also known as the Infinite Dragonflight which are wicked, shadow versions of the present bronze dragons from the future. They are still loyal to their former aspect and their duty to protect time itself.


Bronze dragons logically appear as bronze-colored dragonkin and are able to breathe both super-heated sand and lightning. Something not often used in roleplay or even addressed is the fact that their sand breath can heal wounds as shown by Anachronos in the quest "What Tomorrow Brings". They are masterful chronomancers and can weave time, however not as they please because it would violate what they stand for; protecting time. Their magic knowledge is vast, since they pose as historians and researchers in a similar fashion to how the Blue Dragonflight resorts to study and learn. The bronze dragons are logically very powerful if confronted directly simply because of the fact that they can use lightning which generally tends to be an excellent weapon, especially against armored opponents. The mortals which have been taken in by the Bronze Dragonflight are apparently magically imbued, becoming immortals who cannot die of age. "Xarantaur is a level 80 elite tauren druid and quest giver at Camp Tunka'lo in the Storm Peaks. He is over ten thousand years old, having been among the first tauren druids to be tutored by Cenarius [1]" He was given an item called "The Lorehammer" in addition to his immortality, allowing the user to travel back in time.


The bronze dragons stoic beings and refrain from interacting too much with the main timeline hence why they rarely interact with mortals unless it is to preserve and safekeep time or repair temporal anomalies. Despite not being very active socially, they take their guardian duty to areas of civilization to overlook and observe. They're cunning and patient creatures which isn't surprising as "Nozdormu, their patron Aspect of Time, is patience incarnate."



When taking humanoid form, most bronze dragons prefer to transform into gnomes,[8] though humans and quel'dorei guises are also common.



The Bronze Dragonflight too has been a part of several great battles in the past which is worth acknowledging. During the War of the Shifting Sands, the Silithid and Qiraji attacked the Caverns of Time which inevitably led to the Flight joining the battle to seal the insects within Ahn'Qiraj with the assistance of the other flights.

Prior to the Battle of Grim Batol, Korialstrasz would enter Nozdormu's domain to ask him for assistance in freeing the Red Dragonflight's queen, but Nozdormu declined and literally erased the meeting from time. Ysera however convinced him eventually which brought the Bronze Dragonflight to Grim Batol where they fought Deathwing alongside their allies.


Their relationship with their future selves, the Infinite Dragonflight is also extremely important to keep in mind as the Infinites have tried to change history several times. The most noteworthy instances would be the End Time raid where the heroes were sent to an alternate future in which Deathwing had won to slay Murozond, the future Nozdormu because he prevented the present Nozdormu from accessing the past. Then the heroes were sent back to the War of the Ancients to retrieve the Dragon Soul. This is probably the greatest feat of the Bronze Dragonflight as they managed (in great numbers) to halt the flow of time completely to "negate the impact made upon the past long enough for the artifact to be retrieved. [9]" And of course the whole occurrence of Warlords of Draenor, triggered by Kairozdormu aiding Garrosh during his trial by using the Vision of Time to create alternate timeways, warping them both to an alternate Draenor only to be stabbed to death by Garrosh.


Obviously, the biggest enemy of the Bronze Dragonflight is the future state of their own kin, the Infinite Dragonflight.

as well as bad roleplayers using chronomancy 24/7. seriously m8 ur gonna get buttfucked by the timewalkers and the bronze flight still



The Green Dragonflight

The Green Dragonflight was lead by Alexstrasza's sister, Ysera and is probably the most peaceful of the flights. They are dreamers, guardians of nature and usually remain unseen since they dwell in an alternative plane of existence, the Emerald Dream. From within, they used to combat the Emerald Nightmare and study the untouched evolution of nature as a result of the Dream being an Azeroth without any humanoid/intelligent life where nature is in a state beyond thriving. Since they linger within the Dream most of the time during their lives, the Green Dragonflight is extremely rare to witness in the Waking World of Azeroth.

With the increased Nightmare activity on the Broken Isles, heroes, druids and dragons alike has rushed to combat the Emerald Nightmare of Val'sharah. The Nightmare Lord Xavius stole the Tears of Elune which were supposed to be used to cleanse a nightmare-afflicted Cenarius and has caused the demigod to fall into a state of corruption. Malfurion rushed to pursue the Nightmare Lord, but only for Xavius to be found by a traveler and Ysera. Struck by Xavius, the Nightmare would overcome her form, corrupting her. The corrupted Ysera was then confronted at the Temple of Elune and slain, leaving the Green Dragonflight without an aspect.

Thanks to the combined effort of heroes, druids and dragons, Xavius was ultimately defeated and the Nightmare had ended. (As of patch 7.0.3 as afaik the raid was open by that time. Correct me if im wrong aaaa i didn't play retail since cata)


The green dragons are also referred to as the "Emerald Dragonflight" and are covered in green/emerald scales and are likely resistant or even immune to poisons. Displayed by the Dragons of Nightmare, they're completely immune to nature damage in World of Warcraft. (Source needed to confirm immunity, but very certain about this.)

They possess the ability to breathe Acid and Poison to outright dissolve enemies or put them to sleep where the latter seems like the most common strategy since they are peaceful and supposedly dislike fighting. Being guardians of nature akin to druids, they can use similar abilities, but at a masterful level. They see the Waking World and the corresponding Dreamscape simultaneously with their Dream Sight, which makes them perfectly able to see with their eyes closed. (source needed but im 99% sure about this)

When taking humanoid form, most green dragons prefer to transform into kaldorei, given their relationship with Archdruid Malfurion Stormrage,[5] though quel'dorei guises are also common.



Akin to the other flights, they're in a state of turmoil and disorder following the conflicts with the Emerald Nightmare and the death of Ysera. They can still linger within the Dream now that it has been pretty much cleansed, which means not much has changed. Previously, they were known to be the flight which cared the least about the Waking World. This behavior is probably still tied to the green dragons as they can now study the ever-evolving world of the Emerald Dream without the Nightmare's destructive force spreading everywhere.


The Green Dragonflight has obviously been present during the War of the Ancients and after the Sundering, aiding in the creation of Nordrassil which Ysera bound to the Emerald Dream. Furthermore, the green dragons assisted in the War of the Shifting Sands against the silithid and qiraji and the Battle of Grim Batol. They are also the reason why the Temple of Atal'hakkar turned into the Sunken Temple.


The most active hours of the Green Dragonflight proved to be when dealing with the Emerald Nightmare:


Prior to the war against Arthas, the Emerald Nightmare began to surface within the Dream, heavily affecting a great amount of the green dragons with corruption of the Old Gods (assumingly N'zoth). This affliction even converted Ysera's most powerful four lieutenants - YsondreEmerissLethon, and Taerar as well as her consort, Eranikus. Emeriss and Lethon were slain by mortal heroes after periodically assaulting the Waking World through portals to the Emerald Dream found in several places throughout Azeroth.

Strangely enough, Tyrande managed to cleanse Eranikus of his Old God corruption by using the light of Elune when he was lured to Moonglade.


Following the fall of the Lich King, the Emerald Nightmare resurfaced in what would end up becoming the War Against the Nightmare.


The biggest enemy of the Green Dragonflight used to be the Nightmare and anything related to it. Defilers of nature. This implies that they most likely don't approve of the undead as they defy the circle of life and death. Goblins and their pollution probably doesn't give a green dragon a pleasant first impression either. And since Ysera and Alexstrasza are sisters and the orcs enslaved the red aspect and also chopped down trees in Ashenvale, it is logical that some may dislike orcs more than the other races.



The Black Dragonflight

The Black Dragonflight was originally lead by Deathwing, formerly known as Neltharion. It was a flight capable of raising and lowering mountains and terrain to prevent civilizations from besieging each other. Their noble cause and earthen abilities became revoked when Neltharion became tormented and fell into madness, using the Demon Soul during the War of the Ancients to viciously destroy his allies. The taint of the Old Gods spread from him and ended up tormenting the entire flight, turning them into deadly troublemakers of the world. They would from this point and onwards cause trouble for both Stormwind and the rest of the world while sometimes aiding the orcs, striking deals which would benefit the Black Dragonflight in their quest to destroy the world.


Now being scattered, destroyed and isolated, the Black Dragonflight does not have shared home. Sabellian along with his offspring live on in Outland. A newly discovered uncorrupted black dragon by the name of Ebyssian has been found living among the Highmountain tauren. Remaining members are undocumented, but could very well lurk in secluded places throughout Azeroth and Outland, still affected by their abnormal mental condition.


The black dragon is synonymous with a killing machine on Azeroth. They are attuned with the ground and previously represented its strength. A black dragon is supposedly immensely powerful with the majority of this power being in the shape of physical strength and manipulative skills. Their scales are obviously dark, black and shield them from flame and heat, allowing them to even swim in molten rock found in the places in which many of them used to live. (Canon citation needed, found in the RPG, but logical.)

Their breath weapon varies, in fact. Some breathe a destructive cone of flame, others a stream of magma and yet some with the ability to breathe Shadow Flames.

Shadow Flame is an even more powerful variant of their already devastating breath weapon as it assumingly deals high damage to or even breaks magical defenses due to the nature of shadow magic. Shadow Flame is an ability that NefarianEbonrocFlamegor, and Firemaw can cast. It deals about 3938-5062 cone-shaped shadow damage and is not partially resistable. (Could use a better citation, but if one didn't have [Onyxia Scale Cloak] equipped, you'd die during the Nefarian boss encounter.)


Black dragons have been known to disguise as humans to infiltrate their civilizations. Deathwing and Onyxia have both been active in their respective disguises as Daval and Katrana Prestor. Daval would for example infiltrate the nation of Alterac only to manipulate the Alliance leaders into making him the king of Alterac in what would become the Alterac crisis, but his plans were foiled which forced him back into hiding. Onyxia as Katrana Prestor infiltrated Stormwind and managed to become a noblewoman and a royal councilor to the House Wrynn, effectively making Varian Wrynn her ally. She was a mastermind, able to pull the strings from behind the curtains. She controlled Highlord Bolvar through the use of the 16px-Inv_jewelry_talisman_11.png?version [Drakefire Amulet].[4] She manipulated the leaders of the Kingdom of Stormwind and the Defias Brotherhood[citation needed] through politics and in some cases, mind control. She has been keeping them in the dark while her brother Nefarian — Lord Victor Nefarius — manipulates the Dark Horde in its battle against Ragnaros.

Additionally she prevented the humans from providing aid to the areas in which Nefarian had a lot of control.


On the topic of disguises, I would like to address the following text found on Wowpedia: Humans are also far less sensitive to the presence of dragons than other races. Night elves, for instance, can identify a dragon with relative ease.[citation needed]


This is a common misconception, as Korialstrasz told Malfurion that he was a dragon without the powerful druid knowing anything beforehand (as far as I know):

Memorable quotes

  • "Yes, Malfurion Stormrage, I am a dragon. A red dragon, to be precise. Long have I worn the form of one mortal creature or another, however, for it has been my choice to walk among you, teaching and learning as I strive for peace among all of us."


The Black Dragonflight also took part in the Second War by joining the Horde, assisting them in finding artifacts and in return were allowed passage through the Dark Portal to Draenor. Deathwing along with Sabellian and several black dragons ventured there in order to relocate a great number of eggs. They settled in Frostfire Ridge and Gorgrond, but Gruul who's the father of the gronn, leader of ogres took action whilst being backed by an Alliance Expedition, destroying drakes and eggs. This forced Deathwing to retaliate, but Khadgar, present at the scene managed to use a spell to drive off Deathwing and Sabellian. Sabellian remained on Draenor, but the remaining dragons in the vicinity of the gronns were slaughtered. As Ner'zhul's portals grew unstable and obliterated the majority of Draenor, turning it into Outland, many black dragon eggs were exposed to the Twisting Nether, converting them into mystical ethereal Nether Dragons.


Following the Battle of Grim Batol, Deathwing was wounded and escaped to Deepholm unbeknownst to his own flight which gave birth to a state of civil war. Nefarian and Onyxia managed to gain control over the majority of the Black Dragonflight eventually. About a decade later, Deathwing's consort Sintharia would conduct her experiments using Zzeraku and a good deal of black dragonkin in order to create the Twilight Dragonflight. She created Dargonax and many eggs, but was eventually stopped by Krasus and a band of heroes and Dargonax slain.


Following the Cataclysm and the end of Deathwing, Wrathion is the self-proclaimed last black dragon on Azeroth, but Ebyssian along with remnants within Hordemar City in Blackrock Spire could be found under the watch of Kyrak. Not much else have occurred aside from Wrathion interfering with the events on Pandaria and tasking his agents with seeking out Black Dragonflight remnants to slay them, including Fahrad disguised as a rogue grandmaster.



The common enemies of the Black Dragonflight are pretty much every living creature on Azeroth which is not a personal servant.








Common Misconceptions/Uncommon facts

- Dragons are NOT able to sense each other when disguised. - Krasus failed to sense Deathwing disguised as Daval Prestor: https://wow.gamepedi.../Endless_Hunger

- Other races can't sense dragons by any means unless directly tied to them. - Korialstrasz told Malfurion that he was a dragon without the powerful druid knowing anything beforehand (as far as I know).

- Drakonids are NOT ALWAYS mindless creatures made by Nefarian. - Wyrmrest Temple, Coldarra, The Nexus and the Emerald Dream have drakonid guardians who act as brutes and military units.

- Dragon blood does absolutely nothing- WRONG - Red dragon blood can work as a healing potion although it is assumingly not approved by the Red Dragonflight. Additionally: Nefarian has been experimenting with the blood of all of the various dragonflights to create a chromatic dragonflight of unstoppable warriors.

- The blue dragons can actually see the ley lines with their eyes. - Shown by Stellagosa[2].

- The blue dragons can sense changes in the ley lines. - Shown by Senegos and Stellagosa. (And probably others.)

- Mana pools are actually a thing: "These monsters are pulling mana directly out of the ground. This explains why not even my mana pools can dull my pain." - Senegos.

- The sand breath of a bronze dragon can heal dying people. (shown by Anachronos in the quest "What Tomorrow Brings")

- The corruption of the Old Gods which consumed all of the Black Dragonflight and a good deal of the Green Dragonflight can apparently be cured by the light of Elune (granted you're Tyrande). (???)

- Dragon scales hold no special properties- WRONG - They are actually quite resillent, used for mail armor and can be used to make magical connections to the dragon they belong to.

- Dragons go from being whelps to drakes in 1 year.





welp why did i make this thread

just dont RP a dragon ok? makes everything that much easier.


hopefully this can give dragon rpers a bit of insight and raise some awareness.


and for the love of everything

please read some lore, i actually linked sources ok? no more shadow dragons or spyro/cynder rip-offs pls

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just 'Neth'

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Posted 20 August 2017 - 10:06 PM

reserved for the lesser dragonflights?

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#3 Lunaeries


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Posted 20 August 2017 - 10:21 PM

Excellent brief guide. Would you be okay if I linked to this in my guild topic?

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#4 just 'Neth'

just 'Neth'

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Posted 20 August 2017 - 10:23 PM

Excellent brief guide. Would you be okay if I linked to this in my guild topic?


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#5 Kathulon


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Posted 20 August 2017 - 10:36 PM


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#6 TheKaldorei1


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Posted 20 August 2017 - 11:56 PM


now the dragon guilds will flow

because they can say

"i followed this guide dont worry, i created this char in 2 hour"


#7 Josh00


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Posted 21 August 2017 - 01:01 AM

First and foremost...

i have a lot of text here but it's too big to be reasonable for a spoiler

thanks for watching subscribe for more minecraft videos

this is an excessive way to say "stop"


#8 just 'Neth'

just 'Neth'

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Posted 21 August 2017 - 01:27 AM


now the dragon guilds will flow

because they can say

"i followed this guide dont worry, i created this char in 2 hour"

yes but can they follow it CORRECTLY and ACTUALLY READ the lore i referenced?????? if they do, u won't see them in public phases unless they're completely disguised.

if not... well... <Isles of Dragons> am i right?

this is an excessive way to say "stop"


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#9 Esadan


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Posted 21 August 2017 - 03:13 AM


imagine unironically being a roleplayer


#10 Jacklyn


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Posted 21 August 2017 - 05:34 AM

delete everything tied to dragons
should have stopped at the 2nd line
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yeah so all memey images i put as my signature dont work after 2 weeks so uh yea take tihs big fat L

#11 Kendall



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Posted 21 August 2017 - 05:38 AM

viserion deserved better

i don't CARE

#12 AmandaSZ



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Posted 21 August 2017 - 06:08 AM

This is as gay and retarded as my Nightborne Rp guide. I love you Neth



#13 Beast


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Posted 21 August 2017 - 09:15 AM

Big thank you. Hopefully, people will start reading a little before totally embarrassing themselves by playing something they don't know anything about.

#14 Mercer


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Posted 21 August 2017 - 10:58 AM

How to RP Dragons - don't.

someone had to say it



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#15 Erkorr


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Posted 21 August 2017 - 11:02 AM

ho wo to rp chdaragon  : DOn t rP  Li k e neth s Ay

#16 Soundwave


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Posted 21 August 2017 - 02:05 PM

Write about nether dragons you fucKING IXIOT REEEEEEEEEEEE
My memes are ironic.
My depression is chronic.

#17 Shiro


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Posted 21 August 2017 - 04:03 PM

Inb4 I'd make a meme response but instead, I won't


Nice guide dough made me think about actually RPing a Dragon but then I'm like Naaah.

-All of my Characters are dead lol-


#18 mfcb95


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Posted 21 August 2017 - 07:35 PM

"hahahahahaha just don't rp one u idiot"

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#19 Ghunny Boi

Ghunny Boi

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Posted 07 September 2017 - 09:54 PM

can i rp an onyxian dragon lesbian who is very beautiful and leads a sect of dragons on a selection isles also isnt corrupted and vry sad but also a lesbian

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haha funny word

#20 Gavinlad


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Posted 07 September 2017 - 11:11 PM

hahahahahaha just don't rp one u idiot

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