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Fixed the annoying downtime that would happen quite often. Server restarter is now working at 100% again

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Fixed all client related Connection Issues & Errors. Just run .exe again

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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: For everyone having connection issues please redownload client from here!

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Fixed all of the voting sites, now you can earn up to (3x3)x2 = 18 silver coins per day!!!

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RPH: Battle for Azeroth + New Project (must read). View here.

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If you're getting BLZ51900002 error change your DNS server settings to google's (if you dont know how to do this google it)

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Added commands .gob massmove #EntryID #Distance #f/l/w/d/u & .gob massrel #EntryID #Distance #f/l/w/d/u (those two commands move all entries in specified direction, as well as .aura list which displays all "hidden" auras on the character

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Added new commands .gob massreplace #EntryID #NewEntryID and .gob massscale #EntryID #Scale

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Donator Extended rank has been changed a bit. Read more here.

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You can now auto promote players that join the phase with .ph auto #RankID command

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Some NPC Script updates. Addition of Target Type "NPC with specific GUID" and Action "Pause Waypoint Movement", so now the scripts can finally target specific npc based on guid

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Reminder that you can now chose in Rank Manager whether player can only manipulate (e.g delete) his own gobs/npcs. Phase owner can now also change color of specific phase ranks a.k.a name color in .ph ann

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NPC scripts now work in all phases that you own, additionally phase ranks now contain "Can Use NPC Scripting" option, so everyone who has Scripting perk can now promote people and let them help with scripting the phase


[ Fan Fiction ] The New Warchief

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#1 Ghunny Boi

Ghunny Boi

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Posted 03 June 2018 - 02:20 PM

This will be an entire rewrite of the cinematic in which Sylvanas becomes Warchief.
So. It's basically somewhat like a script.
< Cinematic starts with Vol'jin still sick and poisoned on his throne, coughing and looking fucked up. Meanwhile there's discussion and arguements between other Horde leaders. Sylvanas included. >
GALLYWIX: The Warchief is clearly not in a state to lead, so someo-
BAINE: So you are already seeking to place your fingers upon the throne?
GALLYWIX: Clearly someone needs to take charge here, I mean- 
LOR'THEMAR: And you believe that someone should be you?
< Sylvanas is off to the side, not really taking part in the discussion. >
GALLYWIX: I'm clearly the only one who's qualified! I mean, I'm in charge of the Bilgewater Cartel, this should be a cakewalk!
BAINE: You would disgrace the Horde, and the posistion of Warchief!
< The bickering continues, Vol'jin looking disinterested until the door to the Warchief's throneroom opens, the camera shoots to Thrall's foot landing upon the ground. The racial leaders make way for him. A hooded and cloaked figure follows into him, remaining by the door. Thrall rushes up to Vol'jin. Thrall still has some injuries from the Broken Shore. >
THRALL: Vol'jin!
VOL'JIN: <Cough> Thrall...brother. I do not think I will make it out of here alive.
THRALL: There is a way, I think.
VOL'JIN: Whatever it is, it cannot be done. If I leave, the Horde will be in chaos, they cannot even decide who will lead when I am gone.
< Thrall appears concerned, then looking over his shoulder at the hooded and cloaked figure. >
THRALL: They do not need to.
< The hooded figure walks up to the throne, stopping behind thrall. The camera pans behind him, as he pulls down his hood. Revealing a brown, bald head. The camera then circles around his head, revealing a much more mature looking Garrosh (maybe a beard or something. All the racial leaders look shocked, Lor'themar places his hand upon the hilt of his blade, Baine huffs, clearly angry and Gallywix appears shocked. Sylvanas turns around and gives Garrosh a hateful gaze. >
VOL'JIN: You cannot be serious.
THRALL: I am. Garrosh has changed.
LOR'THEMAR: Garrosh? Change? You must be joking.
< Baine then raises a hand to Lor'themar, politely asking him to silence. >
BAINE: If this is true, I would like to believe it. Have you changed, Garrosh?
GARROSH: I have changed. I have seen what I have done wrong, my...ambition blinded me to what the Horde truly needs, what the Horde is. The Horde is not what it was, it is a collection of races who have nowhere else to go. A family, an ideal and a clan of its own. Every race deserves to be treated as equal, everyone is equal in the Horde. And I am willing to repent for that.
< The camera zooms in on Lor'themar's face, showing a look of frustration and then acceptance. >
GARROSH: I wish to lead the Horde again, to be the Warchief it deserves. And yet, I cannot do it alone. I realise that I need advisors, unless I become the man I was.
LOR'THEMAR: Then...I will assume the mantle of your advisor, Garrosh.
< They all turn to Lor'themar, appearing shocked. And then look back at Garrosh. >
GARROSH: I thank you, Regent Lord. But, your people need you.
LOR'THEMAR: Halduron and Rommath can handle Silvermoon in my absence.
< Vol'jin chuckles. >
VOL'JIN: Do a better job than I did then.
THRALL: Vol'jin, we must go.
< Thrall lifts up Vol'jin, carrying him out. Looking back at Garrosh with a nod of approval before he leaves the room. >
< Garrosh looks around, as all the racial leaders nod at him. Except Sylvanas. He then walks up to the throne, sitting upon it. The camera zooms out slowly, before the cinematic ends.
I realise I am not a screenwriter, nor a professional writer. Feel free to leave your criticisms of my fan lore, which will eventually become my 'WoW Lore Rewritten' which I hope will be used on RPH for some phases.
This will probably be rewritten and redefined at a later date, but the whole thing is to establish Garrosh as the Warchief instead of Sylvanas. I'll write a later story on how Garrosh became so different.

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haha funny word

#2 Goobs


    the main protagonist

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Posted 03 June 2018 - 02:35 PM

thanks i hate it

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#3 _crongo_


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Posted 03 June 2018 - 02:44 PM

considering the current lore, i could see this actually happening with garrosh heavenscream lmao

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#4 Mr. Rager

Mr. Rager

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Posted 03 June 2018 - 03:08 PM

I think Thrall should just man up and go Warchief again. Back when he first got out of prison and shit... Knew what he had to do.

#5 Gavinlad


    the main antagonist

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Posted 03 June 2018 - 03:51 PM

I realise I am not a screenwriter, nor a professional writer.


yeah i can tell seeing as garrosh actually fucking died

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#6 Dudaramos


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Posted 03 June 2018 - 05:05 PM

yeah i can tell seeing as garrosh actually fucking died

there's a holy lightbound garrosh in bfa


#7 Sashka5337


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Posted 03 June 2018 - 05:33 PM

How it should have ended
Deus Vult

#8 Gavinlad


    the main antagonist

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Posted 03 June 2018 - 05:52 PM

there's a holy lightbound garrosh in bfa

yes and bfa takes place post legion aka once voljin is long dead


au gammosh is not real gammosh

nice try niggler

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#9 Illarian


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Posted 03 June 2018 - 05:55 PM

Vol'jin still sick and poisoned on his throne, coughing and looking fucked up.

Bad fanfiction


#10 Dudaramos


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Posted 03 June 2018 - 08:03 PM

yes and bfa takes place post legion aka once voljin is long dead


au gammosh is not real gammosh

nice try niggler

holy garrosh (horrosh) mustve taken the portal back to rorgrimar and said "hey wa nna be my a dvisor" ad ecause he was holy they said "yea sure man i guess thatd be cool"

what dont u get


#11 Dudaramos


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Posted 03 June 2018 - 08:03 PM

liadrin and the sunwalkers resurrected garosh but he want to be forsaken not orc! :o


#12 Nortwin


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Posted 03 June 2018 - 09:43 PM

garrosh icecream


#13 Tevildo


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Posted 03 June 2018 - 10:36 PM

Can we dont

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#14 Esadan


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Posted 03 June 2018 - 11:59 PM

what the fuck is this bullshit

imagine unironically being a roleplayer


#15 Prophet



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Posted 04 June 2018 - 12:19 AM

From all the people you picked you picked Garrosh to lead the horde AGAIN after ALL the atrocities he committed. Dealing with The Sha and what have you. I can see you intend well, but this is really bad fan fiction. 

Nor does this make any sense in the timeline, as was mentioned before. This could've been interesting if it were another horde leader.


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#16 Jacklyn


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Posted 04 June 2018 - 02:44 AM

better than the cloudy with a chance of meatballs lady

yeah so all memey images i put as my signature dont work after 2 weeks so uh yea take tihs big fat L

#17 Icetorn



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Posted 04 June 2018 - 11:37 AM

Its that guy with the porn again. 

So. I think that Brazzers should make a WoW porn. With Garona and Sylvanas and Cho'Gall. That'd be funny as fuck. You guys seen the OW one trailer? Topkek.




#18 TheKaldorei1


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Posted 21 June 2018 - 06:19 PM

christie golden was writing worgen with tails


#19 Brotherman Billbong

Brotherman Billbong

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Posted 28 June 2018 - 03:53 PM

how u do it is erase retard horde development in mop and let garrosh remain a warchief

rock it video game players