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Added new commands .gob massreplace #EntryID #NewEntryID and .gob massscale #EntryID #Scale


The Frostblades

Death Knights Group Guild

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#1 Reaver Arklight

Reaver Arklight


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Posted 25 April 2019 - 11:14 PM


The frostblades are guild of Death Knights, the idea of the guild are Death Knights who are straying from the Ebon Blade due to the recent but very extreme actions of the Deathlord and the Ebonblade. Don't mistake this as going rogue however, the Organisation still recognises Darion Mograine as the leader of the Ebonblade and follow his orders long as they fit the conditions the Frostblades follow. They however do not follwo the New Lich king or the Deathlord straining their relations with the larger organisation or whats left of it rather. They have not received any orders and any order they do get they were sent into increasingly deadly positions and many have died.

Since the assignments of Stopped, the Dread Commander of the Frostblades Roselli Frostwither took the situation into her own hands and began recruiting even Rogue death knight given they follow the rules. Roselli believes that it's likely that the Ebon Blade will Forsake the mission it embarked after the fall of the Lich King and become a threat to the Living. She has begun working and cooperating with Argent Crusade and in so doing the Silver Hand. This means Knights inside will be in a unique situation, the Followers of the Light will accuse you of wrong doing because of Light's Hope Chapel and the Fellow Knights who are still Loyal to the Deathlord and the Wider Ebon Blade will very likely treat you with suspicion.

This means that while your not a Rogue Death Knight and you still fl the colours of the Ebonblade, you technically will receive no support or help from your brothers (Unless the players decide to, that is) 

The Intention of the Guild: The Guild is not a phase limited one, it can be left and joined regardless of what phase you commonly go to. The idea of the Frostblades is to provide Death Knight Rper's such as my self a way to continue roleplaying as Death Knights without havign ot be slowly integrating back into the Scourge. This will enable people who actually disagree narratively with this course of action to continue roleplaying their Death Knights as they wish (mostly)


The Rules: 

1. Don't cause Drama in other phases, try to be as pleasant as you can

2. Don't cause a scene like debating lore in the middle of rp (Obstruction is always a bad thing) 

3. If you ERP on Death Knights..please for the love of god keep it to yourself (And I hope and prey you don't do it while rotten, ergh..)

4. Don't be rude if you see a issue with lore during RP with us, and don't be rude if someone is believing you to be incorrect in something.

5. I don't give a shit who you are, if your in the guild your accountable so don't fuck up (I.E misbehave, grief you get it), me included.

6. If a Phase says the local Dread Commander can tell you what to do icly, please take that into consideration. Other authorities do exist you know.

7. Don't be an Emo Knight, by that I mean don't just cry blood or something..be reasonable, try to write your character is well as you can. 

8. Don't god mod, I doubt it very much you got all Saronite, you dodge all attacks and you have the power of Arthas himself. We can die to (It's just harder to kill us)

IC Rules: 

1. The Frostblades are in a dangerous position, they have taken residence in a old destroyed Highborne temple area in the Alterac mountains that has been mostly abandoned until now. It being a Night Elf ruin that means theres a damned Moonwell in this place. To avoid detection and problems of course don't corrupt the moonwell there if you want to keep your head. Our incognito status depends on not being noticed and having a corrupt moonwell is very noticeable.

2. Don't Massacre towns or villages or whatever, Being a group of Death Knights trying their hardest to not be killed because of the horrible decisions their own organisation has chosen to do. Killing entire populations or even small sections of it will cause the entire organisation to side against you and kill you in order to prevent further killing and to protect themselves. from further scrutiny.

3. Attempt to not use anything else then Frost in front of towns folk or large gatherings or in any holy/sacred places. Frost is very powerful and very useful however the other schools of magic in the Blade are also vital for life as a Death Knight but at the same time we are living in a time where it's very easy for people to turn against the Knights.  Tensions are high so if you seek to be a Frostblade do whats in your power to avoid Blood magic or unholy magic in the presence of so many people. 

4. Don't inform outsider Death Knights of the Safe haven until their trust worthy, because of the sketchy nature of things of late, Roselli believes that should the Death Lord Know of the Frostlbades safe haven, it's likely the forgotten Temple could be swarmed and destroyed as to avoid complications in the future. For this reason Frostblade Death Knights must conceal as much information from Outsider Death knights as possible. Though once proven Trust worthy, the outsiders can be recruited and given access.

This is the 4 biggest rules, of course there are more but knowing these four will help you greatly.

Information for people who encounter us:

If your charecter is aware of our existence there will be things you should know and thus might colour your interaction with us...

Paladins/Priest: If your aware of the Frostblades you might be more inclined to be more friendly as these knights are still acting like the knights you fought alongside with in Northrend. However you are also very likely to be cautious as there is still a lot in question.

Literally any Kaldorei: Hate us still, hate us more if you know where we live.

Soldiers/knights: If you know of the Frostblades you probably seen one or two Knights help out towns against monsters and undead every so often. So you might be more friendly with Frostblades however soldiers regularly do not  have much reason to care about politics so you may just hate us still. Knights however might be inclined to like us more as they do pay attention to politics.. unless their a bigot then hate away my friend.

 Horde, but mainly Forsaken: The Frostblades have been favouring the Alliance more and more as mainly on the Eastern Kingdoms this means that Horde if their aware of the Frostblades should be much more weary of our presence however if your Forsaken you are Farm ore likely to be just outright Hostile as in most cases the Forsaken and the Frostblades will have conflicting interests with the Living and towns they live in however you might still decide to be friendly if your a priest of the Forgotten shadow for instance. 

Alliance: The Frostblades if your aware of them have been very helpful to the Alliance in the last few years so you might actually have a positive disposition to them but only if your aware of them. If not you will still suspect or even hate us. 

(Scourge) Ebon Blade Loyalists: Trust us almost never, you are likely in complete support of the Deathlord's actions and light's hope Chapel. You may even see us as Traitors waiting to happen and could preemptively slay us however because we're not *actually* rogue's *yet* (Subject to change depending on what Blizzard decides to make the Ebonblade do) killing us would be a Risky move which could make you look like a rogue instead so most of the time your likely just treating us  with suspicion and keeping an eye on us.

Keep in mind this is only pointers, it's your character so you act as you want, this is just to help point out some likely reactions given what we do and say. 

Wow you got this far? Awesome lets continue with the final few points. 

The Grey confused parts of Ebon Blade Lore: 

Now..every time I try to find out just what the fuck this organisation is doing all I get is conflicting information so for this guild I'll address some things that is *HEAD* cannon for this guild (And only for this guild, I mean fuck Blizzard keep your lore straight!) 

Rotting: Now imagine this.. creating an army of super solider bad asses who will follow your every command and kill basically everything...then you let them rot away into dust. Yeah thats just.. that is actually special. Rotting is a horrible thing, if you have no muscles, you depend on m even stronger necromantic bindings (bullshit magic) to move and do things. It wil lslow you down, your brain will stop workding, yadda yadda yadda. This is all pointless, if you have the magic to make udnead super soliers, why can't that magic also preserve them? 

Now if you have pre-existing rot.. yeah your still going to want to take care of that and keep yourself clean of flesh eating bacteria, maggots and whatever else hastens the erosion of flesh on a corpse. This explains why some death Knights seem farm ore rotten then others.  Otherwise if your basically alive (probably still can't taste things as those cells are likely going to go very fast) then you'll stay that way unless you get cut let that fester and allow your self to be consumed by said bacteria. 


There are many ranks but the frost blades go on.. initiate, Ebon Knight (Grunt) Dread Knight (Petty officer) Vanguisher (Officer) , Champion (Commander) and then Dread Commander (The General) There are other ranks but theres little information on them and I don't even know if things like "Plaguebringer" fits an organisation that favours frost runes. 

The Light: The Light has no cosmic standings, no real personality or anything. All it requires is faith in your task and that your in the right. Faith in the light also is a cause for being able to use the light. However Light Opposes Shadow and the necromantic bindings that keep your soul tethered to the body instead of the shadowlands is Shadow Magic, meaning that using the Light hurts these bindings.

So while anyone and their grand mother (including Knights) can use it, using it as Undead, and a Death Knight could mean you death. So if your death Knight either reacquires their faith in the light or had it endure their Death Knightship. You are taking a gigantic risk by using it, however could use objects that have the light flowing through it to do those attacks and abilities for you. (But still a risk if things go wrong) So keep that in mind. (Also Paladins will likely disapprove and see this as a insult)

Magic: Nothing suggests a Death Knight cannot use the arcane arts, it just not every death knight has Arcane knowledge and your in-game abilites include none because that would take away from the Mage class and thats a No-no in blizzard's book. So if your Death Knight studies magic (like a Quel'dorei Death Knight) chances are you should be able to to cast that magic missile. (Just keep in mind Phase owners may dislike this so be prepared to make concessions every so often) 

The Afterlife: If your a Death Knight, you fucked, basically. Either you suffer in life or you suffer in death either way you suffer. Why? Because our souls are damned to the Shadowlands so even if your a Good little light boi even in Undeath, there is not a thing the light can do to save you. Want someone to blame? #BlameArthas Which is sad for one my characters because their a genuinely good person but this seems to be exactly what the Afterlife has install for us poor Knight boi's.


So yes, if you wish to join the guild after reading this Monolith of a forum  post , whisper Roselli (Thats her username) or contact me on discord at Sunset Shimmer #3349 

 if you have lore disagreements I will be creating a Discord for the Guild and will give you an Invite Link link below for you to express your opinion on what the lore says.

I hope you had more fun reading this then I did writing it. Later!


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RPH is a strange place.

#2 mortwin


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Posted 26 April 2019 - 09:36 AM

I would recommend

I like spaget.

Making my way downtown.



(Looking for darksouls 2 non softs CO-OP)

(Awfully good for some reason https://www.youtube....h?v=TTUThtSUyJc)

I keep having this dream, I am having fun.

But then I wake up and realise I was never asleep at all.


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Posted 26 April 2019 - 04:09 PM

tldr traveling circus of death clowns




#4 Reaver Arklight

Reaver Arklight


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Posted 27 April 2019 - 09:39 PM

oh wow I didn't think this posted, enjoy I guess!

RPH is a strange place.

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